Research associates and visiting professors
Prof. Yingchao Yang, Postdoc researcher, (2014–2017), Assistant Professor, University of Maine, Orono, ME
Prof. Jinagjie Wu, Postdoc researcher, (2015–2016), Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Prof. Zheng Liu, Postdoc researcher, (2010–2013), Nanyang Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Prof. Yongjie Zhan, Postdoc researcher,(2008–2011), Associate Professor, Northwest University, China
Prof. Weidong Wang, Xidian University (Aug. 2009–July 2010)
Prof. Hong Lin, Tsinghua University (Nov. 2008–Feb. 2009)

Graduate students
Dr. Jing Zhang, Ph.D., spring 2017, Postdoc Researcher, Rice University, Houston, TX
Dr. Linlin Cao, Ph.D., spring 2017, Ditthavong & Steiner, P.C., Alexandria, VA
LT. Bill Song, M.S., Spring 2014, AFRL, Dayton, OH
Dr. Pei Dong, Ph.D., spring 2013, Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
Dr. Cheng Peng, Ph.D., spring 2013, Schlumberger, Provo, UT
Dr. Jiangnan Zhang, Ph.D., spring 2013, Gate Inc, Houston, TX
Dr. Hao Lu, Ph.D., spring 2011, Bloomberg, New York, NY
Prof. Yang Lu, Ph.D., spring 2011, Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Yogeeswaran Ganesan, Ph.D., spring 2011, Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Sona Joseph, Professional Science Master (PSM), spring 2010, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston, TX
Simeon Powell, MME, Spring 2008, Lockheed Martin Co., Clear Lake, TX
Hao Lu, M.S., Fall 2008, continued his Ph.D. study in Applied Physics at Rice University
Yezeng Cheng, M.S. Student

Undergraduate students
James Bellah (MECH/CAAM), summer 2014
Olivia Derr (MSCI), fall 2010 – fall 2012
Mark Vander Schaaf (MSCI), spring 2011 – fall 2012
Samuel Stein (MECH), fall 2011 – fall 2012
Mark Dudley (MECH), summer 2012
Trinh Nguyen (UH-Downtown), summer 2012
Matthew Rollo (MECH), summer 2012 – fall 2012
Lihong Zhao (Tsinghua exchange student), fall 2012 – summer 2013
Ashley Pfefferkorn (MECH), spring 2006 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, spring 2006), currently working in Arizona
Jason Goldman (MECH), 2006-2007 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, summer 2006), currently pursing Ph.D (in materials science)/M.B.A degrees at University of Illinois
Tanwee Misra (Senior, ELEC), 2006-2008 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, spring 2007)
Keson Choy (MECH), 2006-2009 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, fall 2006), was a graduate student at University of Cambridge now works for Lazard
David Meyer (MECH), summer 2007 (CBEN ?REU Internship recipient, summer 2007)
Ryan Pei (ELEC), 2007-2010 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, summer 2007)
Yuekai Sun (CAAM), 2007-2010 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, spring 2008), currently pursuing Ph.D in Computational and mathematical engineering at Stanford University
David Saidman (MECH), 2008-2009 (Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, spring 2009 and summer 2009)
Mel Hainey (MSCI), 2009-2010, currently pursing Ph.D in materials science at Penn State University
Jarett Kitchen (UH-Downtown), 2009-2010
Rosie Villagomez (UH-Downtown), 2009-2010
Avery Cate (MECH), summer 2010 ((Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, summer 2010)
Jingzhe Zhang(MSCI/PHSY), summer 2010
Israel Sierra (UH-Downtown), summer 2010
Daniel Bianculli (MECH), 2009-2011
David Tuan Tran (UH-Downtown), summer 2011
Robby Palm (MSCI), 2010 – 2012, currently in medical school at University of North Carolina
Robert Wilson (MECH), 2010 – 2012
Henry Neilson (MSCI), 2011 – 2012, currently pusing Ph.D in material science at Case Western Reserve University
Laura Gaskins (MSCI), 2011 – 2012
Micaela Blank (MECH), summer 2011 – 2012(Brown Undergraduate Internship recipient, summer 2011)

High school teachers and student visitors
Daniel Glover, Science Teacher (NSF-CBEN IPC-NET program), Morton Ranch High School, summer 2007
Amy Davis, Physics & IPC Teacher and Director of Academy of Science and Engineering, Stratford High School, summer 2007
Trevor Cannon, Junior, Conroe High School (Conroe, TX), summer 2007
Britni Martin, Junior, Conroe High School (Conroe, TX), summer 2007
Pierre Lachevre, Junior, Awty International School (Houston, TX), summer 2010
Vincent Vignol, Junior, Awty International School (Houston, TX), Summer 2011
Kyle Lin, Freshman, St. Thomas Episcopal High School (Houston, TX), Summer 2011

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